Synapse Voices 4: Dr Skip Rizzo

Albert 'Skip' Rizzo is an expert in the use of virtual reality technology in mental health applications and with older adults. A Research Scientist at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies, Research Professor, USC Department of Psychiatry, Research Professor, USC Davis School of Gerontology, he conducts research on the use of Virtual Reality for exposure therapy in social phobia, for role-playing applications such as in anger management, and for acute pain distraction during at painful medical procedures and for discomfort reduction during chemotherapy. His latest project has focused on the translation of the graphic assets from the Xbox game, Full Spectrum Warrior, into an exposure therapy application for combat-related PTSD with Iraq War veterans. The common thread that drives all of these applications involves the study of how VR simulation technology can be usefully applied to serve the needs of the client in a manner that goes beyond what is available with traditional 20th Century tools and methods. VR and augmented reality have potential future application in brain injury rehabilitation, so I was fascinated to be able to talk to Skip about his work, after a keynote he gave at the New Zealand Rehabilitation Association Conference in Auckland, New Zealand in March 2011.

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