Synapse Voices 3: Pat Hutchison

A conversation with Pat Hutchison. Trained for primary schools that cater for children aged five to eleven, she started teaching in 1967 in a four-teacher country school in the middle of New Zealand's King Country. She moved into special education in the late 1980s when her attention was captured by the concept of mainstreaming. She has a Masters degree in Education with a focus on teaching students with learning and behaviour support needs. She has been based at Tawa School in Wellington, New Zealand for the last 20 years, as an itinerant teacher of special needs and then in the more recent role as a resource teacher of learning and behaviour. And in that role, she is amongst other things exploring the use of technology.

APA reference for this episode:
Babbage, D.R. (Producer). (2010). Synapse Voices 3: Pat Hutchison. [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

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